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The course offers great value for your money as recognized by Ontario Golf Magazine as one of the top “best bang for buck” courses to play in the province. The course has built a reputation as a “must play” course in Eastern Ontario.

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Policies and Information

Pace of Play Guidelines

  • Smuggler’s Glen has been pace rated for a 4 hour and 30 minute round. This is the time it should take to play 18 holes, travel time between holes, and a short break between #9 and #10 to purchase food and drink (to go) from our BBQ Express.
  • For the enjoyment of all golfers playing today, it is the responsibility of all golfers to maintain the recommended 4 hr 30 min pace.
  • Clocks have been conveniently located to assist you in monitoring your pace.
  • Our On Course Player Assistants are working to assist and monitor the general pace & play of all golfers’ throughout the course

Guidelines: Tips for speeding up your pace of play

1: Use the tees that are appropriate for your skill level.

  • See scorecard for handicap/tee recommendations

2: Continuous play:

  • Please Do not stop to eat at the BBQ Express on the turn after nine holes. Please order and take your food with you to the 10th tee.
  • Continuous putting: putt out when ever you can. Once on the green, read your putt before it’s your turn, so you are ready when it is your turn.
  • Completion of the hole: When approaching the green, please park carts at the rear of the green closest to the next tee. After putting out, quickly proceed directly to the next tee. Do not sit and tabulate your score/match beside the green making the group behind wait.
  • Under the rules of golf do not look for lost balls longer then 5 minutes. Looking for lost balls is one of the most inconsiderate ways to delay play.
  • Under the rules of golf please hit a provisional ball if you think your first ball may be lost.

3: Play Ready Golf:

  • Be ready to play, know when it is your turn, if you are ready and the others in your foursome are not, play the shot even if it is not your turn.
  • If carts must remain on the cart paths only, take several clubs to play your next shot to avoid walking back to the cart for another club.

4: Slow Play Control:

  • If a foursome falls behind pace as indicated by the on course pace clocks, they will be asked to get back in position by the next clock (usually every two holes). If they can not get back on pace, the On Course Player Assistants will position the “slow group” ahead to the next tee or approach shot on the next hole.

Please keep up to the group ahead and maintain the expected 4 ½ hour pace
Good golfing and Enjoy your round

Rain Check Policy
When the course is closed due to inclement weather, we will issue each golfer (with paid receipt) a rain check based on the following policies.

  • A rain check may be issued only if the golf course superintendent or golf pro shop staff deems the course unplayable.
  • The pro shop staff will issue rain checks based on the number of holes played (as below) No resort refunds can be issued and only Smugglers Glen Staff are permitted to issue rain checks.
  • Players are expected to continue play during rain or drizzle.
  • Each player is required to check in with the pro shop immediately upon coming off the course.  A 30 min wait time is required to establish if conditions have improved to continue golfing.
  • You must provide your receipt to obtain a rain check.
  • Rain checks are valid for 10 months from the date of the rain out and this expiry date is indicated on the rain check receipt.
  • Each rain check will be given a dollar value based on the rate charged prior to teeing off and the number of holes played. 
  • No Cash Refunds will be given.
  • Rain checks can be applied towards green fees that are more expensive.  There will be no cash refunds for green fees of lesser value.
  • Rain checks are non-transferable and non-replaceable.
  • Rain Checks are only redeemable for greens fees.
  • Rain checks may only be redeemed one at a time.

1-3     Holes Played  = 100%  Credit Refund Issued
4-6     Holes Played  =   75%  Credit Refund Issued
7-11   Holes Played  =   50%  Credit Refund Issued
12-14 Holes Played  =  25%   Credit Refund Issued
15-18 Holes Played  =    0%   Credit Refund Issued


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